The Oakey State School Pedagogical Framework is the schools vision encompassing the delivery of explicit teaching to facilitate learning in the classroom. The framework has been designed to incorporate the well-being of Oakey students.
At the core of the framework is our belief that:

“If you can read you can do anything”

The Pedagogical Framework is informed by national and international educational research, Education Queensland policy, National guidelines, discussions with teachers, academics and our school community. The pedagogical framework is a set of organisers based on significant research that guides the quality delivery of our mandated curriculum. It is underpinned by the research of:

Robert Marzano “The Art and Science of Teaching
John Flemming “Explicit Teaching”

The Framework sets out clear expectations of our teachers and requirements of our school. It informs our community of what we value and how we equip our students for the future.

Our Framework is organised under:

  • Curriculum (the what)
  • Pedagogy (the how)
  • Learning Environment (the culture)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Partnerships